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Daisy Francisco Benz

Providing Ethical Copywriting Solutions for Mental Health Organizations

Are you running a mental health organization and drowning in everything that comes with it?

Being pulled in every direction and spread too thin?

Struggling to raise the funds you need?

Are you an established organization wanting to educate and inform potential sponsors?

Looking for fresh ways to raise awareness about your cause?

Trying to find a low-overhead fundraising tool to invest in only once and use again and again?

Hi, my name is Daisy and I can help.


This is where words make magic.


I write persuasive and impactful copy that attracts sponsors and drives donations for mental health organizations trying to raise awareness, destroy stigmas, and create positive change.


I understand that non-profit organizations face a unique set of challenges. Many non-profit leaders struggle with articulating their vision, goals, and impact in a way that resonates with potential donors and sponsors. With a comprehensive knowledge of the non-profit landscape, I specialize in transforming complex ideas into captivating narratives. I work closely with you to uncover the heart of your organization and I craft authentic copy to communicate your value and impact.

I specialize in writing long-form academic-style documents called white papers. These are deeply researched, persuasive, and informative reports designed to encourage donors to support your organization. They are carefully tailored to exhibit the beneficial impact your organization has on your community. This curated marketing tool can be used time and again to attract new donors and sponsors. I also deliver powerful polished bios and creative educational blog posts. 


I know your time is precious. Between managing projects, engaging with stakeholders, and juggling responsibilities, finding the time to craft compelling copy can feel overwhelming if not impossible. Non-profit organizations often operate with limited resources and stretched bandwidth, leaving little room for dedicated copywriting that compels.


Let me do it for you.


I enjoy developing authentic relationships with my clients in order to fully understand your organization and its nuanced cause. I want to help you achieve your goals. I deliver engaging, specialized content that captures the essence of your mission, leaving you to focus on your core objectives and center your attention on what truly matters -


Making a difference.

What's a White Paper?

A white paper is a comprehensive report or guide that delves into a complex issue relevant to your organization's mission. It presents your unique philosophy, expertise, and solutions. A well-crafted white paper educates and empowers readers, helping them understand the issue at hand and make informed decisions. A white paper serves as an educational marketing device that will convince donors to become dedicated supporters.

When we work together, I collaborate closely with you, becoming immersed in your organization's mission, values, and unique insights. Together, we brainstorm possible topic ideas and I present a thesis statement for your approval before getting started. Throughout my process, I stay in close contact with you and your team to ensure the polished final product captures your voice, aligns with your goals, and clearly communicates your vision.

A carefully crafted white paper generates fundraising magic. I create compelling documents that leave an emotional impact, transforming your non-profit organization's fundraising efforts while raising awareness. Through extensive research and data analysis, I present a comprehensive and authoritative perspective on the specific issue your mental health organization addresses. Let me help you educate, inform, and raise awareness by building trust with potential sponsors, and securing substantial financial support for your organization.


Leveraging the power of a captivating and informative white paper helps:

  • establish thought leadership

  • influence decision-makers

  • raise awareness about important issues

  • introduce potential solutions

  • attract adequate funding

Services + Rates

White Paper

This academic document is expertly designed to raise awareness about specific or nuanced issues, express the unique needs of particular groups, or generate funding for your mental health nonprofit. Heavily researched, informative, and persuasive - white papers work to educate, offer solutions, and build trust. I will craft a creative, fact-based, long-form document showcasing the benefits of your organization, intended to attract donations and/or sponsors to your cause. I will research, write, and deliver a valuable fundraising tool you can use time and time again.


$1500-5000+ for a 5-15 page document

Pricing varies depending on research required and length of paper


Mission Statement

Your Mission Statement is arguably the most important piece of copy in your arsenal as a non-profit organization. It's your message. Your purpose. A clear and concise statement delivers that message to the world. Not to mention, donors and sponsors. It is a vital part of securing appropriate funding for your organization. Your Mission Statement announces precisely who you are, what you do, and why you do it. 

Starting at $300

Bio / About Page

A personal and engaging bio or about page is essential for your website. It will work magic to establish your authority and connect you with your clients. This is a valuable tool for conveying your purpose and obtaining trust. I capture your voice and craft your story, helping your clients get to know you. 

Starting at $30


Blog Posts

Carefully crafted, search engine-optimized articles expertly designed to generate traffic to your website. Researched and informative, a consistently updated blog makes you the go-to expert, builds trust with your following, and puts your website on the front page of Google.

Starting at $150 per post

Ask me about monthly retainers + bundle discounts



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