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don't tell the boys

Don't Tell the Boys is a collection of essays pulled from intimate interviews I've conducted with men from all walks about the state of men's mental health in America. In them, we discuss the stigma surrounding the subject and I ask these men to share their personal journeys in finding their own mental wellness. 

brothers on a hotel bed

Brothers on a Hotel Bed is a poignant, culturally relevant memoir that exposes the harsh reality of mental healthcare for combat veterans in America. A true story of addiction from the outside looking in. Brothers On A Hotel Bed will leave you gutted and enraged at a greedy system that consumes generation after generation in the name of freedom.


small town and brown

Small Town and Brown is a collection of personal essays that reflect on my experience of growing up in a small midwestern town. In these essays, I explore my struggle to find identity amid culture shock, racism, and a chaotic home. Part memoir and part cultural critique, Small Town and Brown is an intimate testimony of personal evolution.

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