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   welcome to my tiny corner on the internet. i hope you like it here. it’s kind of a trash can. not to say that i am trash or that my writing is trash, but a lot of what i write serves to purge the trash from my brain, and this is where i'm putting it. a place to be messy and practice my craft. if you flip through the pages of ths site, you will learn a lot about me, a random girl on the internet. i hold nothing back here and keep myself tethered only to telling a sticky truth as authentically and raw as my memory will allow. the stories that make up my life are kind of interesting, in a car accident kind of way, and it’s helpful for me to write them. my hope is that my exhibitive storytelling will be helpful for someone out there stuck in the void and will provide a human-to-human connection to anyone who needs it. one man’s trash or whatever.

   my blog isn’t organized like other blogs. my adhd brain has not allowed for me to be organized or consistent in this life and my blog has been one of the things to suffer from my severe executive dysfunction. after trying and failing with multiple models, i finally created one that makes sense and feels natural to me. my posts are organized into musical albums. specifically, the albums that have consumed me in some type of way. and i use each song as a writing prompt for a post. the subject matter is not linear, each “album” contains random subjects from one "song" to the next. and each post finds its own story and form as i write it. organized chaos.

   if you explore the site past my writing, you will find bookish by daisy, a small shop with some pop-culture-y and book-ish type stuff inside. i have struggled internally at every single step of building this part. marketing myself is already embarrassing. trying to sell stuff makes it worse. and capitalism is on track to kill us all, but here i am all the same. like everyone else, i need money to exist in this world and to keep my family alive. i try to use a lot of would-be trash in my projects to help me feel better and i donate portions of some items to mutual aid.  

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